Schedule Overview

(subject to change)

Sunday, July 9 - Hotel

3:00 pm               Hotel check-in begins
4:00 pm               Vendors begin set-up in Ballroom ABC
8:30 pm               Registration opens – vendors open – cash bar

Monday, July 10 – afternoon trip to St. Olaf

8:30 am                 Registration opens each day
.                            Reading sessions at hotel throughout the morning
1:00 pm                 Buses depart for St. Olaf (lunch provided on the buses)
2:30                      Welcome & introduction to the theme
.                            Plenary I - opening event on the history of the cantor (with musical interpretation)
4:00                      Eucharist
6:00                      Buses depart for hotel
7:00                      Gala dinner & awards, ALCM business meeting
9:00                      Dessert reception/cash bar with vendors

Tuesday, July 11 – at hotel, Westminster Presbyterian, and St. Olaf Catholic Church

8:30-9:15 am         Looping bus from hotel to Westminster Presbyterian
8:45                      Gathering music at Westminster
9:00                      Morning prayer
9:30                      Plenary II (continuing from Monday afternoon)
10:30                    Workshops I (including a large reading session
11:45                    Regional meetings with lunch provided
12:30-1:15 pm       Looping bus from Westminster to hotel
1:00-2:45              Vendor time (vendors open until 5:30)
2:45                      Panel – Cantor in the 21st century
4:00                      Workshops II
5:00                      Dinner on your own
6:45-7:45              Looping bus from hotel to St. Olaf Catholic Church
7:30                      National Lutheran Choir event followed by Compline
8:45-9:45              Looping bus from St. Olaf to hotel
9:15                      Wine & cheese with vendors

Wednesday, July 12 – morning at hotel; afternoon at St. John’s, Collegeville

8:45 am                Morning prayer
9:15                      Plenary III
10:30                    Workshops III
11:30                    Lunch on your own
1:00 pm                Workshops IV
2:15                      Vendors close
2:00                      Load buses for St. John’s
4:00                      Intro to St. John’s (history, abbey church architecture, St. John’s Bible)
.                            Rehearsal for evening prayer
4:45                      Free time; cash bar in courtyard
5:30                      Buffet dinner
7:00                      Evening prayer
7:30                      Mini-plenary: Lutherans and Roman Catholics in the 500th year
8:15                      Buses return to hotel

Thursday, July 13 – Central Lutheran Church

8:30 am                Looping bus from hotel to Central Lutheran
9:00                      Carillon mini-concert
9:15                      “What does this mean?”
9:30                      Closing Eucharist
11:00                    Looping bus from Central Lutheran to hotel