Workshops & Reading Sessions

Workshops will be offered on Tuesday morning and afternoon and Wednesday morning. Reading sessions will be offered on Monday morning and during the first workshop session on Tuesday morning. Click on the workshop title below to see a full description of the workshop and biographical information about the workshop leader. The numbers in parenthesis indicate the number of times the workshop will be offered.

Johann Sebastian Bach's Clavierübung Dritter Teil: Devotional Practice versus Performative Tradition (1) / Wyatt Smith

Here M.I.: Engaging Multiple Intelligences through Song (2) / Mary Louise Bringle

Music Therapy in Ministry and Spiritual Care (2) / Michael Sampson

Introduction and Demonstration of the Alexander Technique (2) / Brian McCullough

Communicating with Your Organ Technician (1) / David Engen

Do You Hear What I hear? Reframing Conversations about Worship, Music and Culture (1)/ Jennifer Baker-Trinity

“Come, Thou Font of Every Blessing”: Renewing Congregational Publications (2) / Chad Fothergill & Kate Tegtmeier

Finale 101: Learn the Essentials to Get You Going  (1) / Leigh Kallestad

Are You Using the Newest Finale like It Is Finale 2000? (1)/ Leigh Kallestad

In Sin My Mother Bore Me: How Do We Save Our Inheritance of Early Lutheran Chorales? (2 ) / Susan Palo Cherwien

Pastoral Skills for Musicians - from the Leadership Program for Musicians (2)/ Marsha Seale

Handbell Music Reading Session (1) / Laura Potratz

Liturgical Theology for Church Musicians (1) / Donald C. Nevile

A Good Marriage: Wedding Text and Tune  (1) / Susan Briehl & Zeb Highben

Conducting from the Console (2) / Raymond Johnston

Tone, Tenure, Tenacity: Tips for Improved Choral Technique (2) / David Cherwien

The Orff-Schulwerk & the Kodaly Concept: Applications for Church Choirs (2) / Rebekah Schulz

Getting It Right: Understanding How to Legally Use Music and Technology (2) / Abi Enochson 

Church Music in Germany Today: Rooted in the Reformation, Active at the Present, Evolving towards the Future  (1) / Sarah Herzer

Musical Creativity for Worship: Drawing from the Whole World!  (2) / Omaldo Perez

Bach for the Average Church Choir? Absolutely!  (1) / Thomas Rossin

Folk It! Vernacular Traditions and the Church’s Song  (2) / Paul Friesen-Carper & Luke Tegtmeier

Organ Music Reading Session (1) / David Sims