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ALCM is made up of four geographic regions:

  • Region 1 (northeastern U.S. and eastern Canada)
  • Region 2 (southeastern U.S.)
  • Region 3 (central U.S. and Manitoba)
  • Region 4 (western U.S. and western Canada)

regional map shows the breakdown by state and province. (With apologies to the UP-ers; yes, we do know that the Upper Peninsula is part of Michigan. For some reason, this map does not include it.) Every two years in even-numbered years, ALCM hosts regional conferences.

Each region elects three regional officers, who serve for a two-year term. Regional presidents serve on the ALCM board.

Region 1

President: Daniel Aune, Baltimore, MD

Vice-President: (vacant)

At-Large: Mitch Rorick, Fort Wayne, IN

ALCM Columbus (Ohio) chapter: Cantor Connection

Region 2

President: Ryan Hostler, Vero Beach, FL

Vice-President: Becky Schultz, Birmingham, AL

At-Large: Kurt Schmidt, Deerfield Beach, FL

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Region 3

President: Linda Martin, Kansas City, MO

Vice-President: Joshua Lindgren, Deephaven, MN

At-Large: Lara West, Atchison, KS




Region 4

President: Bill Kuhn, Battle Ground, OR

Vice-President: David Horton, Seattle, WA

At-Large: Wyatt Smith, Seattle, WA

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