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The ALCM Board of Directors has been involved in ongoing discussions about how our organization might more fully serve its members and better provide the kind of support, networking, inspiration and learning that our members can use. In January 2014 President Anne Krentz Organ challenged the board to review the Statement on Music and Worship that ALCM adopted in 2003. She asked board members whether we need to revise or replace it in light of the tremendous changes in the field of church music that have taken place over the past 25 years. Answering her challenge the board decided to take a survey of our members to get a clearer idea of who we are and what we do, and a Statement Committee was set up to revise the 2003 document or write a new one.

The Statement Committee produced a draft of a new document, "Called to Be a Living Voice," which was informed by the results of the 2014 survey. It was presented to the ALCM members attending the national conference in Atlanta in July 2015. The Statement Committee then commended this draft to all ALCM members for their consideration and comments. The committee spent the next year receiving comments and working on revisions. A final draft of the statement was presented to the membership at the 2016 regional conferences and to the full membership thereafter. In October 2016 the membership voted overwhelmingly to adopt Called to Be a Living Voice to stand alongside the 2003 ALCM Statement on Worship. Special thanks to those who served on the statement committee:
Thomas Schmidt, chair
Lorraine Brugh
Sarah Hawbecker
Valerie Lefever Hughes
Paul Weber